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Bessie Day Salon is and Aveda hair salon located in NW Portland, OR.

First Post!

Hi All!  We want to thank you in advance for reading the first installment of our blog. We’ll be updating this as much as we can, with helpful tools and insights into the new stuff for Aveda. As stylists, we are trying to create a dialogue as well as a helpful tool to accomplish our mission, which starts primarily with making our clients feel and look beautiful.  So PLEASE, if you have questions about product, or styling, or technique, anything… let us know!  We’d love to make your hair dreams come true.  In the meantime, let’s talk shop…  Courtney and Kyle

Aveda has been doing something kinda cool in the last year or so, by letting the client try out a sample of the product before it hits the shelves.  It allows you to try it and determine whether or not the product is truly a great product for you. It also allows us as stylists try it out on you and see how the product works, and who it works best on before it hits the retail shelves.  So as we review these, please note that sometimes the products aren’t available yet, but we do typically have pre-order sheets so that you can be the first to be alerted when it hits the shelves.

Whew!  Now that that’s settled, let’s go over the last additions to the Aveda line…










One of the recent amazing new products is thickening tonic.

It’s best for fine to medium hair and for people that have been using either the pure abundance line or the volumizing tonic.  It’s best sprayed in roots to ends when damp, and then blow dried.  Think Bridgette Bardot volume, as this product actually increases the diameter of your hair strand (not permanently, it will wash out with your next shampoo).  A good thing to know about the thickening has a matte finish, so if you are looking for shine, finish with control force after the style you want has been achieved.  

STYLING TIPS: Flip your hair upside down and blow dry from the roots down the shaft with the paddle brush to create the most volume.  Finish with a round brush at the ends.  Sound complicated?  It really isn’t.  Here’s a video from Aveda as well to help…     


FAVORITE USE: I feel like this is a totally underused product for men.  I actually love using this on men with thinning hair.  It creates matte texture and movement with the volume, and then for definition I use just a bit of control paste or grooming clay to finish. - Kyle

I love using this product before creating an upstyle. It gives the illusion of a thicker braid even when you don’t have a lot of hair. -Courtney

ECO TIPS:  Aveda’s samples are are all of their bottles and caps. The shampoo conditioner and product bottles may be recycled in your normal recycling container at home, but bring in the samples and caps to us or your local Aveda experience store to make sure that they are recycled properly.  All makeup containers from any brand can also be recycled at your local Origins store.